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British Dispensary is one of the industry-leading companies famous for the production of high-quality performance-boosting compounds to develop and maintain better physiques. British Dispensary strives to manufacture the finest and the most potent steroid formulae making their products accessible to athletes around the world. And here we are going to be discussing Androlic, British Dispensary, one of the potent steroidal health compounds.

British Dispensary uses nothing but only Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) of the highest standard (USP/BP) and has established a set of procedures to make sure all their products meet the highest quality standards in the industry.

The bodybuilding industry is filled with a great number of illegal companies selling poor grade steroids. The compounds these companies develop are not regulated and thus put your health at risk. British Dispensary places a value on providing absolute efficient and reliable steroids which provides their customers with complete peace of mind and satisfaction.

Let’s start digging through the upcoming passages for learning about Androlic, British Dispensary, its benefits, cycle, side effects, and more. Let’s start with the product details.

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Product Details

Androlic is the brand name that stands for oxymetholone. Also renowned as Androlic or Anadrol, no doubt, it is one of the strongest and most obviously active steroids to the date. It not only acts very promptly, but it also promotes a virtual outbreak of size. Increases of up to 10 pounds in 2 weeks are not unusual. The enhancements produced on oxymetholone are not the least. And you would notice a radical smoothing out of the muscles because of water retention and estrogen-linked fat (lipolysis).

The water retention promoted by using oxymetholone should not be under-estimated either. The advancement of fluid retention promotes healthy lubrication of the joints. That allows the relief of pain-free fitness routines even with exceptionally heavy loads. More nutrient retention inside the cell probably contributes to better stable growth in muscle tissue.

The drawback to great fluid retention is that it allows you a very puffed up appearance. With the estrogen-enhancement comes the heightened risk of further negative impacts such as gynecomastia (development of breast tissue in men). Therefore, it is always recommended that an oxymetholone cycle is escorted by administering an anti-estrogen such as Nolvadex.

Administering oxymetholone should be restricted and precise. No doubt, while it is the strongest steroidal health compound, it is also the most perilous steroid to your health. Besides the major risk of typical steroid-linked negative impacts, it also involves various other side-effects. Most striking is oxymetholone’s hepatoxicity (damage to the liver). There is also a range of innate side-effects recognized with the intake of this steroid.

Headaches, tummy aches, vomit, nausea, sleeping disorder, and diarrhea are among typical disorders associated with administering oxymetholone. Only precise doses of oxymetholone should be used. The typical rule of thumb is to administer 0.5 or 0.6 mg per pound of bodyweight. Because of the negative effects on the liver, it is often not administered for more than two or three weeks.

The outcomes are not only quick but also sudden. And the therapy is generally maintained with another aromatizable substance, most likely long-lasting testosterone like Sustanon. In no condition, oxymetholone administration should exceed 6 weeks. While taking oxymetholone, one should always consult a health expert frequently and check the liver conditions.

The impact on blood pressure is radical. So it is suggested that you take an anti-hypertensive compound with it, especially if you already have high blood pressure. The intake of Clomid or Nolvadex and HCG is recommended as well towards the end of administering oxymetholone. Lastly, oxymetholone also entails a bad effect on glucose tolerance, leading to borderline diabetic conditions.

There are several factors to worry about if you have been diagnosed with similar issues previously. In consequence, one can say that the negative implements on the system combined with the intake of this hormone are very harsh. And the intake is thus not suggested for novices, women, or individuals who have pre-existing diseases. Nonetheless, oxymetholone continues to be a famous steroid among professional users to jump-start a steroid cycle because of its excellent advances in power and size.

Max Drol Anadrol Maxtreme 1
Max Drol Anadrol Maxtreme 1


In medicine, Oxymetholone was created and used to treat people suffering from anaemia and other health issues where weight loss was a matter of concern. This substance is very efficient for enhancing appetite, putting on both weight and strength. Also, it helps in boosting the count of red blood cells.

Because of its impacts, it is highly popular these days in bodybuilding and various fields of sports. British Dispensary has made its own Oxymetholone compound that is named as Androlic. Its strength content is 50 mg per tablet. And it is available by 60 tablets in British Dispensary original pack.

This steroid is considerably famous among bodybuilders and strength athletes, as an alternative for D-bol. Androlic offers identical results as D-bol, even sometimes acts greater, and promotes fewer negative impacts. Generally, athletes gain mass up to 10 pounds in 2 weeks that is not unusual for this steroid

Why Oxymetholone seems to promote such incredibly great effects? Well, this is the most frequently asked question. It is thus because it increases the red blood cells allowing the muscles to absorb more and more oxygen. To describe that, here is an example.

The athlete can feel great power and strength. Administering Androlic usually gives a satisfying and fantastic sensation. Also, it helps in stimulating the body to regenerate in a fast procedure. Only after several hours after a rigid workout, you will see that you are ready for more.

It is recommended that the daily dosage of Androlic should range between 0.5 – 0.8 mg per body weight. Also, it is suggested for those people who prefer taking this steroid for the first time to limit the dosage to 50 mg per day. And after a week you can increase the dosage to 100 mg per day.

It is crucial to know that after you discontinue taking Oxymetholone, within a short span of time, the radical reduction occurs and the user seems like before administering this steroid. That’s why it is required to carry on the cycle with injectable steroids such as testosterone or Sustanon for a few weeks.


Unfortunately, Androlic, at the same time, can be the most harmful among oral steroids. It is highly toxic to the liver since it is 17-alpha-alkylated. Also, this steroid easily transforms into estrogen promoting various signs of feminization (gynecomastia) and water retention. That is the reason why it is needed to take diuretics and anti-estrogens.

Dosage: Androlic British Dispensary

50 – 150mg per day

What is Androlic 50 British Dispensary?

It is a potent androgenic and anabolic oral steroid that is often considered in bodybuilding a “steroid pump”. It is the strongest acting steroid and it can be the most harmful steroidal compound as well.

Androlic 50 British Dispensary Effects and benefits:

A short cycle of Oxymetholone provides a gain of at least 10 kg in a month, for most users. And that is quite remarkable. Androlic often promotes water retention like the Dianabol. This gaining is made mainly by soda hydro retention.

However, the main disadvantage of all anabolic that produces muscle gain through water retention is that much of the built muscle mass will be lost successively. Users will experience that first spontaneously right after stopping the cycle, and then at the time of a slimming period.

People who are wishing to gain the largest mass possible prefer choosing Oxymetholone. Thus, they develop an exceptional muscular base that is smooth and slightly rounded that will be dried afterwards.

You can consider that from 10 kg gained with an Oxymetholone cycle, it will remain about 6 kg of dense, lean, and really gained muscle mass ultimately. The treatment is restricted to 4 weeks for its high toxicity. Also, it requires all precautions such as anti-estrogens, liver protection, recovery, etc.

Muscle pumping effect is promoted by excessive production of red blood cells. However, the red blood cell production that occurs in kidney erythropoiesis is not enough. Kidneys are cumbersome. And if you are trying to take boldenone or growth hormone that also manufactures red blood cells, these multiply the effect.

Since oxymetholone transforms into progesterone, it should not be combined with substances (nandrolone, trenbolone) with the same effect. It can lead to problems such as gynecomastia and other signs that are the strong androgenic effects of this steroid or tamoxifen, Proviron, or other antiestrogens.

Androlic 50 British Dispensary in the cycle:

Oxy can be well incorporated with Primobolan (Methenolone enanthate) or with stanozolol in a cutting cycle or diet. And the gains are long-lasting. Diet is suitable since that promotes muscle hardness, reduces hunger. It has considerable capability to increase muscle hardness. However, again administered in moderation, users should take up to 3 tablets a day and avoid taking doses in the upcoming two weeks. The formation of glycogen is done by the conversion of carbohydrates. It leads to hypoglycemia.

Androlic 50 British Dispensary side effects:

A higher dosage of this compound leads to various side effects such as gynecomastia, acne or hair loss, headache, stomach ache, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. Women using these products often experience virilizing symptoms. These symptoms include deepening of the voice, menstrual disorders, hypertrophy of the clitoris, excessive hair growth, enhancement of libido, loss of hair, and strong acne. Often these symptoms are irreversible. The other Side effects are:

  • Jaundice
  • Possibility of liver cancer
  • Enlargement of the penis if taken before puberty
  • Testicular atrophy and reduced sperm count when administered after puberty
  • Impotence, painful penile erections
  • Lack of sleep
  • Gynecomastia- breast enlargement
  • Deepening of voice
  • Excessive hair growth
  • General fatigue
  • Swelling of the body
  • Highsugars

Dosage Androlic 50 British Dispensary:

How to take Oxymetholone? It is generally suggested in the early short-term (3-6 weeks) steroid cycle where the daily dose is divided into 2 times. Its bioavailability stays the same if you use it before or with a meal. You have learned it before that it is used mainly in the early rounds due to its fierce beginning of the action.

Also, it happens due to greater sustainability enhancements. Taking higher dosages of this element for a prolonged period of time can promote various side effects. If you are looking for buying quality guaranteed Androlic, deal with a trusted online supplier.

Here is General Information on Androlic. This will surely help you have a better grasp on the product knowledge.

  • Drug name: Oxymetholone
  • Drug class: Anabolic/androgenic steroids
  • Common brand names: Anapolon, Androlic, Oxymetholone
  • Common drug quantity: Tablets: 50mg, 100mg

Use and effective range:

  • Applications: muscle building, strength building
  • Anabolic components: strong
  • Androgenic components: strong

Dose range and duration of use:

  • Drug Class: (oral )Highly Androgenic / Anabolic Steroid
  • Beginners: not suitable for beginners
  • Hobby: 50-150mg / day
  • Application period: 4-6 weeks
  • Professional range: 50-300mg / day
  • Women: not suitable for women
  • Active – Life: Less than 16 hours
  • Average Reported Dosage: Men 50-300 mg daily.
  • Women 25-mg daily
  • Acne: Yes
  • DHT Conversions: This is derived from DHT
  • Decreases HPTA Function: Yes
  • Water Retention: Yes, high
  • HighBlood Pressure: Yes
  • Liver Toxic: Yes, very high
  • Aromatization: Debatable

It is an oral 17-alfa-alkylated steroidal health compound that is highly androgenic and anabolic. In the first 3 weeks of use, the gains in body weight of up to 20 LBS were not unusual. Athletes administering this compound experienced remarkable elevations in strength and recovery.

Users experienced a distinct boost in aggressiveness that was a positive gain for rigid training. The other effects are excessive water retention and increased muscular size.

Oxymetholone is generally taken as an off-season mass building compound. However, some mass monsters have administered it up to 7-10 days before competition along with stacking diuretics and antagonist anti-estrogens.

Unfortunately, when abused and utilized not under a physician’s care, this compound is probably the most dangerous of all AAS. Users do get huge but often they feel flu-like symptoms during the administering. Oxymetholone abuse is often associated with prostate and liver cancer, liver disease, toroid dysfunction, leukemia, and heart diseases.

Even abusing this substance can lead to hepatic coma. The common side effects are sensitivity to anticoagulants (the substance regulating internal and external bleeding), hair loss, severe suppressions of the HPTA that results in low sperm and endogenous (natural) androgen production. The other side effects are nausea, diarrhea, stomach aches, and throwing up on occasion. Women can experience virilizing symptoms.

Oxymetholone negatively impacts the functions of the liver such as a raise in SGPT and SGOT enzymes that are signs of hepatitis (liver diseases). It can show itself as yellowing of the eyes and fingernails. All these happen because of the increase in bilirubin in the liver. Another liver enzyme, gamma -GT, is susceptible to Oxymetholone, and alkaline phosphatase is changed too.

Oxymetholone is derived from DHT. According to many, gyno happens from using this substance. But this is rare since this compound aromatizes. DHT does not aromatize to estrogen. The more acceptable reason might be they bought poor quality oxymetholone that actually consisted of methyltestosterone.

The other reason gyno is possible is mentioned right above. But we will be discussing that later. Oxymetholone does lead to excessive water retention because of electrolyte retention that sets up massive but puffy looking muscles. This is the same reason the compound promotes water retention in joints.

This reveals itself in pain-free exercise for most of the users. In medicine, Oxymetholone is applied to deal with low red blood cell construction. This means during administering this substance red blood cell count is encouraged. This is why the compound increases oxygen transport to the muscle issues resulting in a great muscle pump after merely a few series of exercises.

People who used oxymetholone recovered at an incredible rate between sets, exercises, and work-outs. Therefore, the compound protects against overtraining pretty well. Thus, when you stack it with anti-estrogen like Nolvadex and a diuretic to cut electrolyte (aldosterone), it causes water retention. Stacking it with a high anabolic drug such as Deca Durabolin results in quality and, extensive, muscle gain.

This water retention side effect of this compound responds to antagonist type anti-estrogens. And that is quite interesting since, from the standpoint of a chemical structure, it should not aromatize into estrogen. Water retention may take place. But elevated estrogen levels don’t come under “side effects”. However, Oxymetholone itself can combine with Progesterone receptors and may serve as estrogen in this way.


When it comes to dosages, advanced bodybuilders and power lifers generally report that they had brilliant results with 50-200 mg daily broken in 2-3 dosages. Since results start to deteriorate after the initial 2 weeks, some declared that their routines were more constructive and safer when they started at 50mg daily. They increased the dosage by one tab every week until they reached a total of 150-200mg daily at week 3.

They maintained that dose for 2-3 additional weeks. Some described a protocol that entailed reduced dosages by one tab every week. Liver stress becomes a problem after the 4th week of taking this substance. Therefore, no one should exceed this time period of use.

Replacing Oxymetholone with a strong anabolic such as Deca Durabolin or Equipoise during the unstable stage can be pretty efficient for controlling a higher volume of the oxymetholone induced lean muscle mass. According to many users, exceptional outcomes come with a stack comprising 50-100 mg oxymetholone daily, 152-228 mg of Parabolon every week, and 200-500 mg of testosterone enanthate every week.

Most users revealed that liver functions returned to healthy condition after 1-2 months of discontinuation. This implies to be reinforced by the applicable medical information on oxymetholone. Soaring blood pressure is typical during administering. High blood pressure should not be left untreated. By the way, hair loss is irreversible.

PCT of HCG and Clomid can be administered to restore regular HPTA functions. But, that is a very rare case. Male users normally start to produce natural sperm and testosterone levels after 2-3 weeks of discontinuance.

PCT should have the layering of an unstable stage replacement AAS such as nandrolones, Primobolan Depot, Equipoise, or Winstrol Depot. In most cases, gains made with Oxymetholone alone disappear soon.

How to use Anadrol (Oxymetholone) for enhancing muscle mass

The androgen-anabolic steroid Oxymetholone is also known in the field of sports as Anadrol. It is presently enjoying unparalleled popularity. This steroid is well known in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. The original objective of scientists in the invention of this steroidal health compound was treating various pathologies.

However, among the professional bodybuilders, this substance was highly in demand after the advertisement came out. In that add, the titled bodybuilder from the USA Daniel Duchaine, ‘Steroid guru’, showed up. It was as an affordable alternative to Danabol.

Anadrol is known as one of the strongest pharmacological compounds that have been utilized by athletes.  It is also known as Androl in the short form and is used by many in the bulking routines.

More about the powerful Oxymetholone

This compound is a synthetic steroidal substance, with anabolic effect. This element was developed for treating osteoporosis, anaemia and for maintaining muscular strength among patients with insufficient weight.

It is because Anadrol is the potential to packing on a considerable amount of size within a short span of time.  This is why Anadrol has been helpful to put on weight among people suffering from muscle wasting diseases.

The key effect of anabolic steroids is increasing red blood cell production by stimulating the erythropoietin construction which is a natural hormone. Because of this, oxygen supply improves in the body.  When oxygen flow is better, you can participate in more productive workouts. Also, better pumps will take place and the muscles will get an intense output of power. It makes you push yourself more in the gym.

Since the 2000s, Anadrol has been used very actively in the sports field especially in bodybuilding. Since Anadrol helps in increasing muscle weight and size, athletes and bodybuilders use this steroid during bulking.  You will hardly find a person using this steroid right before a competition. It is because Anadrol not merely adds muscle and size. But, it also causes water retention.

Well, this is not good for people willing to get extremely lean and shredded before stepping on stage. For a long time, the anabolic effect of this substance is confined to the ability to cause water retention in the body. People assumed that this factor promoted a strong weight gain. However, these days, using Oxymetholone is not confined to taking totally in the pre-competition stage.

This compound is considered a powerful synthetic anabolic. Athletes willing to build muscles quickly prefer taking this steroid. Along with bodybuilders who love Anadrol, power-lifters also use this steroid during their bulking phase. It helps them gain a considerable amount of strength.

Along with this, this anabolic features the highest anabolic activity such as protein synthesis. This steroid accelerates protein synthesis so significantly that the athlete starts gaining weight quite incredibly.

What is more, the parameter of androgenic activity that is the manifestation of male traits in the fair sex, along with the suppression of these traits in men, is only 30% of testosterone. Also, this compound has proven to be an excellent aid for treating sports injuries.

Generally, Anadrol contributes to weight gain in the shortest period which is quite astonishing. More precisely – some users report that they gained more than 15lbs of muscle by undergoing just one cycle. Well, these exclusive results are not for everyone.

Additional calories with healthy foods along with intense training and a strict schedule should be followed if you expect to gain incredible muscle and size from an Anadrol cycle.

Anadrol – From the treatment of osteoporosis to application in the sports field

The historical excursion of Anadrol is very interesting.  Anadrol first emerged in the 1960s. This compound was specifically used for the treatment of diseases like osteoporosis, in the activation of muscle growth, increased appetite, and for the therapeutic treatment of anaemia, caused by the inadequate red blood cell production. Because of this effect, this compound is prescribed for patients suffering from problems regarding weight gain because of:

  • Burns and other injuries.
  • Exhausting pathologies.
  • Surgical interventions.

Oxymetholone was approved by the FDA for use in humans. Later research work started on Anadrol that showed it suitable both in the medical field as well as in professional sports. It boosts immunity as well.

Anadrol BD [Oxymetholone 50mg] - 100 Tabs - Black Dragon

Anadrol – This is a “quick bomb”

How does Anadrol work?

  • Helps in the productionof new cells.
  • Enhances metabolism.
  • Accelerates hemoglobin synthesis.
  • Stimulates bleeding.

This substance creates favorable conditions for collagen production. Collagen, in turn, helps in increasing the elasticity of the musculoskeletal tissues. It allows it to deal with significant loads.  This is very crucial for people spending countless hours in the gym to reach their fitness goals.

Along with this, Oxymetholone not only increases body weight but it also helps in activating other systems that directly associate with increasing water and fat levels. This is another benefit of effective weight gaining.  We have already known that Anadrol is great in bulking cycles.  Incredible weight gain takes place in a short time span.

It is true that this compound is a “quick bomb”. The substance has a high speed. And you can feel that anabolic power in the first week of the cycle.  Some may also say that they have felt the effects of this powerful anabolic after just one day. Well, Anadrol reveals all the pharmacological internal reserves after 3-5 weeks.

The cycles with its application are quite short. Anadrol is hardly ever used for more than 6 weeks.  It can help to jumpstart a cycle with other anabolic steroids. However, once the cycle is complete, a certain part of the weight gained from Anadrol is the result of water retention.

As said above, it is believed that this compound retains fluid. However, with these traits, it is also characterized by quality fat-burning actions. The greatest effect is perceptible in the abdomen. And this is exactly the area where it is critical to cut fatty deposits.

How to use oxymetholone to avoid side effects

The cycle with this compound is basically prescribed for the athletes within the age group 18+, in case there is no contraindication. Well, generally, doctors prescribe administering this anabolic from the age of 21.

Some users under the age of 18 also take this substance.  Well, some individuals are more serious regarding their fitness goals. Though fitness experts do not recommend using anabolics for users under 18, the decision is up to the user.

People prefer using this as a rule, in their bulking cycle in the offseason. Taking this is advisable at the very initial stage of a long cycle of steroids. It is required to dramatically “load” the work of all the taken steroids. Prior to starting a cycle, you should consider getting examined by your physician if you have been through medical conditions that may worsen by using anabolics.

When it comes to the dosage and duration of the cycle, the regular length of a cycle is typically 6 weeks.  The dose is determined by the individual.  Not all users can take the same amount of Anadrol or any other compound.

It is crucial to evaluate your own tolerance level and consider how your own body reacts to the steroidal compound. The other factors that are important are the goal, the pharmacological experience, and the features of the organism.

The suggested duration of using Anadrol is from four to six weeks. However, it will be best not to exceed this duration. It is because the substance is enough hepatotoxic. And the effectiveness of this compound will not escalate. On the other flip, side effects can come out. Therefore, neglecting the recommended duration of the cycle is not advisable.

Users should divide the doses and take them throughout the day.  You can take Anadrol on an empty stomach or before having a meal.  The effects will be felt and seen both ways. Also, consider taking a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).  Some ignore this crucial part of the routine even though running PCT helps the body fully recover before starting the next anabolic cycle.

In several circumstances, professional bodybuilders take a single dose of high doses of Anadrol immediately prior to starting. This makes it possible to get a powerful build-up of glycogen. From this stage – voluminous muscle growth can be seen.

Along with this, athletes having an intolerance to steroids with an androgenic high index can also opt for this tool. This applies as a rule to athletes who, because of heredity, tend to have prostate hypertrophy and baldness.

When it comes to sports, experts suggest using this steroid exclusively during a rigid training procedure. Users can follow this as an isolated cycle, or they can also combine it with other compounds.  Here the thing is that Anadrol boosts metabolic procedures. However, it leaves a bad impact on the glands, that are responsible for producing androgens (the sex hormones), thus encouraging their deficiency.

Therefore, to enhance the efficiency, hormone replacement from the outside is permitted through the combined intake of Anapolon with other elements. In this case, an excellent companion is – Testosterone Enanthate.  It is important to combine some sort of Testosterone as the base steroid to all anabolic cycles, for various reasons.

Effect of using Anadrol – What about the pitfalls?

Some people while administering anabolic steroids are afraid of the “pitfalls” or the side effects. The positive effects of the steroid will be noticeable immediately:

  • Dense and solid muscular strength grow. About 8lbs is the average while the maximum value reaches 15+ pounds. We are talking about onecycle of solo only. This steroid is precisely known as a highly productive anabolic “tool” when it comes to rapid weight gain. Its parameter is quite matchless. Because of this, Oxymetholone is a favourite of many athletes at the off-season phase.
  • It increases physical strength significantly. And this, in turn, affects the performanceand self-confidence of the athletes. This compound can accumulate glycogen and cause fluid retention in the body. Thus, within a short possible time, strength indicators get an increase.
  • Increase in endurance due to increased red blood cell productionallows users to follow planned training procedures more intensively.
  • Joint mobility increases.
  • The amount of fat in the abdomen decreases with diet.

PCT after application of Anadrol

Users should start taking PCT five to seven days after the end of taking this steroidal compound. To restore the natural testosterone production, PCT after applying Anadrol should comprise Clomiphene Citrate (Clomid) for up to two weeks. During the first week, users should take one tablet in the morning and evening. During the second week, only one tablet in the morning should be taken.


This compound is a potent anabolic steroid. Users should not neglect the recommended dosages since taking higher doses for a prolonged time can harm health. Users should not neglect the post-cycle therapy as well since it is a mandatory step. Just make sure you have consulted an expert before taking these compounds.


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