Equipoise for Horses

Injection Steroids To Horse

Equipoise – also known as boldenone undecylenate – is a long-acting anabolic agent for horses. You can buy Equipoise for horses in vials providing 50mg of equipoise per ml in sesame oil. Equipoise is a steroid ester with mostly anabolic properties and reduced androgenic activity. 


Steroids such as boldenone undecylenate are used to treat a range of pathophysiological and catabolic processes for animals. It is often better to use steroids over a prolonged length of time with animals. Equipoise is a long-acting agent that gets to work fast. A long-lasting agent like this is preferable over a steroid that has to be taken or injected repeatedly across the long-term. 

Ganabol Boldenone For Horses Steroids
Ganabol Boldenone For Horses Steroids

What Does Equipoise for Horses Do?

Anabolic steroids such as this are related to sex hormones. Different steroids can have different androgenic and anabolic effects. Compounds like methyltestosterone start with anabolic activity but can develop androgenic activity over time. This change is why methyltestosterone is not suited for long-term use as it could undo the positive benefits. 


Studies performed on laboratory animals looked into the pharma morphological activity of Equipoise. These studies revealed the steroid has anabolic properties with a small degree of androgenic activity. The steroid doesn’t possess antigonadotropic properties, nor does it affect the endometrium – typical signs of using substances such as this. 


Clinical trials show that, when taken at the recommended dose, Equipoise has a marked anabolic effect on debilitated horses. The steroid improved their appetite and weight gain. It also enhanced their vigor, muscle mass, and coat. These effects would be expected for an anabolic agent like Equipoise, especially if there had been prolonged tissue breakdown caused by disease or overwork. 

Equipoise Indications 

Equipoise is recommended as a treatment for debilitated horses, in cases where the owner desires an improvement in their weight and general physical condition. Horses are debilitated by disease and being overworked. 


Equipoise improves the overall state of a debilitated horse, helping them to gain weight and improve their appetite. Please note that Equipoise by itself is not a substitute for a balanced diet. Get the best results out of Equipoise by continuing to maintain proper care and feeding standards with the horse. 


Please note that Equipoise is only tested and regulated for horses. Some people use it as a steroid in their bodybuilding routines, but this is something you do at your own risk. There is no data on how the steroid affects humans. There is also no data on how it affects pregnant horses, so it should not be used on breeding horses. 


Adverse Reactions to Equipoise 

Equipoise treatment can cause androgenic effects, such as behavioral problems and masculinization, in some animals. The effects will last for up to eight weeks before dissipating. It is recommended that you avoid further injections of Equipoise while waiting for the results to pass. 


Equipoise Overdose 


If you buy equipoise for horses, then be careful to avoid an overdose. An overdose can cause prolonged androgenic effects that make it more challenging to handle the horse and care for them. Be sure to discontinue treatment if this happens, at least until the effects disappear. 


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