Halotestin is an oral steroid that is basically used among the athletes. This substance helps in strength build-up rather than in gaining muscles. This is highly popular among the weightlifters and powerlifters. They need to stay within a certain weight class. They show interest in taking Halotestin because they are primarily interested in the strength gain without further increase in their body weight. In the bodybuilding community, this compound is an exclusive inclusion during the preparation for competitions.

Halotestin Effects

               This substance is highly androgenic and it is poorly aromatizing. Halotestin helps the athlete elevate the androgen in their body while maintaining a low estrogen concentration.

               With Halotestin the bodybuilder with a low body fat content can get incredibly hard and defined muscles. Even though the muscle diameter does not get a boost, it seems to be more massive due to the improved muscle density.

               In fact, when the daily dose is not up to 20 mg, it does not lead to water and salt retention. And this feature makes Halotestin even more popular.

               In a diet, Halotestin helps an athlete go through tough and intense training. At the same time, it increases the aggressiveness in many people administering Halotestin.

Halotestin Dosage and Administration

This is another crucial reason why this fitness booster is so widely embraced among the powerlifters, weightlifters, athletes and especially among the boxers. The regular effective dose is considered to be 20-40 mg/day. If you want to give this substance a try, you should limit the intake within 4- 6 weeks and should not take more than 20-30 mg per day.


Halotestin is a quite powerful supplement. It can be harmful to your health when abused. So, you are advised not to take more than the recommended dose. Do not use it if you are not at least 23 years old. Also, consult your doctor before using this steroid.

Talk to your health care professional if you are experiencing symptoms possibly associated with this substance.

Halotestin Side Effects

Like other oral supplements, it also has some adverse impacts, including nausea, vomiting, headache, oily skin, hair loss, acne, and more.


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