Testosterone Suspension: The most powerful and fast-acting form of testosterone

Testosterone Suspension

Testosterone is the prime hormone naturally produced in the human body.  Even though it is present in both sexes – male and female, its amount is generally way higher in men than that of the female. It plays an essential role in enhancing muscle mass, erectile and prostate function, libido and hair growth. But these are not all. It has many other prime effects too. That is why testosterone deficiency can lead to various health problems. It can lead to mood swings, sleeping disorders, fatigue, cognitive ability problems, etc.

Health problems taking place due to the lack of Testosterone can lead to various medical problems. Also, this will need pharmaceutical treatments. However, apart from treating medical problems, scientists have discovered that Testosterone can promote some additional benefits too. Especially, in the field of athletes, its advantages are quite incredible. Currently, the synthetic forms of natural testosterone are available, here we are going to be talking about one of the fastest-acting testosterones – Testosterone Suspension.

What is testosterone Suspension?

Testosterone Suspension is the first variant. It has a lack of an ester. And that means even though Testosterone Suspension is accessible, it is not generally used by the physicians since it is less convenient than the other forms. It is basically administered to enhance performance and that is why it is highly admired in the realm of athletics.

However, don’t forget that taking high doses of this steroidal health element for a prolonged time can lead to various health complications. We are going to talk about it elaborately. However, don’t worry since you can easily keep all these away by taking the right dosage.

How to administer it

Just like all the other forms of Testosterone esters, you can use Suspension on its own. And thus, you can mug up brilliant effects. This form comes with some of the most potent androgenic effects than the other steroids. However, you can secure the incredible gains regarding mass and strength even without stacking.

However, there is a problem with Testosterone Suspension. It has a very short half-life in comparison to other variants available. And also, there are other problems with its administration. Maybe that is why it is one of the rarely chosen steroidal health compounds. In many cases, users administer Testosterone Suspension considering it a fast-acting drug that covers a short gap before other steroidal health elements start to work.

What about Stacking

Administering a Testosterone Suspension stack is one of the most common uses of the drug. And you can use this in different ways.

Since there are more convenient forms of Testosterone available in the market, Suspension an option that is hardly used. However, its use is highly popular when users are looking for rapid results. Stacking Testosterone Suspension with the other steroids will be a brilliant option since it will give the cycle a kick-start. Within this time, the other drugs will reach their full effect. When you administer it in this way, it wouldn’t be unusual for you to go through test Suspension for 4-6 weeks as part of a longer cycle.

Also, there are other common uses for Testosterone that is to replace the natural Testosterone level in the body. Since the production of natural testosterone is prevented in the presence of anabolic steroids, it will be beneficial to add Testosterone to a stack. It will help in preventing the symptoms of testosterone production shut-down.

However, even though test Suspension helps in averting the signs of shut down during a cycle there are more convenient versions of this hormone available in the market. If you administer those versions instead of testosterone suspension, this can help in keeping those side effects away.

Administer Testosterone Suspension

How to administer Testosterone Suspension 

Testosterone Suspension is used in injectable forms. However, this often promotes more problems than other injectable steroids available. If administered correctly, in most cases, users don’t experience any noticeable pain with the anabolic steroid injections. However, unfortunately, when it comes to the taking of Testosterone injections, the experience is not always the same. The injections are generally quite painful. Especially, the problem arises with the versions that come in the form of oil or propylene glycol as a Suspension instead of in the form of water.

Remember that the pain of Testosterone Suspension can be so severe that it can be sometimes temporarily impossible to move your limb with the injection site. Users can also notice a big bump where they have injected the dose.

Info regarding the dosage

Usually, the dosage of Testosterone Suspension is 50-100mg per day. However, for many users, the benefits are at the lower end of this dosage. And the risk of the side effects gets increased with its higher doses.

Info about the half-life

The half-life of Testosterone Suspension tends to vary depending on the oil or water used. However, irrespective of the exact Suspension, the half-life is less than 24 hours. That is why users need daily injections. Sometimes, the daily doses are divided into two daily injections, especially while administering a water-based Suspension.

However, opinions regarding this often differ. According to some it is highly recommended since the water suspension develops a crystalline deposit at the injection site that demonstrates the release down.

Check out the Positive Effects

Testosterone is popular basically for its power to develop muscle and increase mass. However, it also offers several other benefits too.

  • It enhances bone density. Thus, it gives the skeletal system a boost from the administering of Testosterone Suspension. Also, it supports collagen production. These help to deal with the excess stress that excess exercise promotes.
  • Administering test suspension helps in supplying more energy along with boosting the recovery rate. This steroidal heath element will help you go through a more rigid training session since it helps in boosting the red blood cell production. And it gives the entire blood circulation level a boost. Thus, it supplies more oxygen to the cells of the body assuring enhanced energy and recovery rate.
  • When you go through a cycle, Testosterone helps you lose fat. It basically happens due to the interaction with the androgen receptors in the fat cells. This prevents fat storage in the body and helps in burning more and more fat cells as a primary fuel source.
  • The other crucial feature is nutrition portioning that directs more energy to the muscles and prevents fat storage in the body.

Here are the potential Side Effects

Any anabolic steroid tends to produce side effects and that is inclusive of all variants of Testosterone. However, possibly, test Suspension can be more problematic than many other alternatives. This is because the body takes this substance so quickly, that it is hard to control the appearance and the severity of its side effects that are estrogenic. Balancing the fact that Testosterone is naturally produced in the body, it often happens that this type of anabolic steroid is tolerated in a way better way than the others.

Arimidex (Anastrozole)

Take a look at the androgenic effects

Testosterone is an androgenic drug. And test Suspension is even way more potent than most other forms of Testosterone. This happens because there is no ester that can take up some of the space. It is pure Testosterone that is suspended in the fluid. If you compare milligram by milligram, Testosterone Suspension is the strongest form of this product.

Some male users might experience effects such as acne, growth of extra body hair, etc. Along with this, its use can promote hair loss and male pattern baldness too.

Estrogenic Effects

Although it is highly androgenic, Testosterone can produce estrogenic side effects too since it interacts with the aromatase enzyme. It gives a boost to the estrogen levels in the body. The side effects that users might have to deal with are Gynecomastia, fluid retention, etc. These side effects are not only unattractive but these are also very dangerous. Water retention can increase blood pressure.

Taking high doses of testosterone suspension (estrogen) can also lead to increased body fat. However, this doesn’t tend to happen when you take it at a lower dosage. There are two helpful processes through which you can fight the estrogenic activity. Apart from ceasing the administering of this product taking SERMS or AIs can help the users.

AIs or the Aromatase Inhibitors such as Arimidex, are the potent option among the two but it should be the last option since they leave a potential negative impact on the cholesterol level. On the other hand, SERMs such as Nolvadex are not likely to be as potent as an AI.

However, in many cases, they are enough to neutralize the estrogenic effect. Along with this, these leave a positive impact on the cholesterol level. Thus, this offers additional advantages too.

The estrogenic effects, promoted by Testosterone Suspension, are often difficult to control than the other variants with an ester attached to them. This happens because the drug acts fast on the body. That is why the response can be strong and rapid. So, even though the other versions of Testosterone don’t produce crucial estrogenic effects, Testosterone Suspension can still cause problems.


We have already learned about the estrogenic impacts of Testosterone Suspension that can cause water retention leading to high blood pressure. That is why it is very important to minimize fluid retention as much as possible. An effective way to do this is to ensure that the user is on a balanced diet. The users should not take too many calories, especially in the form of carbohydrates.

If you are consuming more calories, the extra calories will cause water retention leading to blood pressure issues. Along with this, Testosterone has the power to leave a negative impact on the cholesterol level. It lowers the healthy HDL too. However, this effect is not severe when you take the Testosterone on its own.

However, when you combine it with an AI, it helps in fighting the estrogenic effects. And at this point, the result can be crucial. Apart from lowering the HDL, this combination of drugs can also promote an increase in the LDL level and that is quite unhealthy.

Therefore, if you want to fight the cardiovascular side effects while administering the test Suspension, check this out. The users should not overlook the significance of a balanced clean diet and sufficient workout. The workout session includes cardiovascular exercise, even when you are going through a bulking cycle since it won’t affect the added lean muscle mass.

Hair Loss

Androgenic effects are likely to come out while administering Testosterone since it interacts with the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme that converts the hormone into dihydro testosterone. This can promote male pattern baldness in the users who are genetically subject to the problem. This problem will stop when users stop administering this drug. However, the effects will not reverse.

The users can fight this problem by using a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor such as Finasteride. This product considerably reduces the effect. And experts often advise taking this compound to men with a family history of male pattern baldness.


Hair Loss

Liver Toxicity

Contrasting some oral substance, Test Suspension is not hepatotoxic.

Check out the other effects of testosterone Suspension 

Some users have reported that they have experienced mood changes that are also known as the infamous ‘roid rage’. This may involve anger, aggression, anxiety, etc. And this risk even increases as you increase the intake of Testosterone.

Check out the Contraindications

In case any undesirable effects take place during a Testosterone Suspension cycle, you should immediately cease the intake. This will allow the drug to be flushed out from your system. Some users might need medical advice before they consider administering test Suspension. Any user having a history of any of the following problems should go for medical advice:

  • Increased cholesterol level
  • Thrombosis
  • Diabetes
  • Heart attacks, other cardiac problems
  • Abnormal high levels of red blood cells
  • Respiratory problems
  • Excessive water retention
  • Prostate cancer
  • Renal disease
  • Breast cancer

Testosterone is not proven to be that safe for use in the female users who are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you are administering corticosteroids or corticotropin, you need to go for medical advice before administering Testosterone Suspension since the effects are likely to get enhanced considerably.

Along with this, taking Testosterone is not recommended if you are already administering anticoagulants such as warfarin since it increases the risk of bleeding.

Cutting or bulking – What is the steroid best effective for? 

Testosterone Suspension is effective for both cutting and bulking since this adds bulk and also prevents fat build-up. It also helps in promoting fat burn by preventing fat cell receptors.

However, the fast action of Testosterone Suspension denotes that sometimes it can be tricky to deal with the estrogenic side effects that are counterproductive to fat burning. The side effects can promote fluid retention. That is why this variant of Testosterone is, most of the time, used in bulking instead of cutting.

If you are going to use it in cutting, a good AI can be helpful. Make sure you are also following a clean diet and intense exercise. Follow regular cardiovascular workout.

Is it Safe for female users?

Although Testosterone Suspension is highly useful in adding muscle and mass, it is not advisable for female users. It is because it is highly androgenic and also, it involves a risk of virilization.

Female users should start with very low doses and should monitor it closely so there are no signs of virilization including deepening of the voice, enlargement of the clitoris, etc. Yes, it is potent. That is why when administered at an appropriately low dose, testosterone Suspension can be a suitable version for the female users.

It is thus because it comes with a very short half-life. And it exits the body fast. Thus, if any user experiences the Testosterone side effects, those effects will be short-lived when you cease the intake immediately.


Testosterone Suspension for Sale

What type of PCT is needed when the Cycle ends?

All anabolic steroid cycles need a PCT when the cycle is over. And Testosterone Suspension is no exception in this regard. When the body is provided with an external source of testosterone, it shuts down the natural testosterone production in the body. And when you cease administering this Testosterone, your body tends to take quite a long time to restore the natural level of testosterone production.

If you do not be careful regarding taking Testosterone or other potent anabolic steroids and keep taking high doses for a prolonged time, your body may never restore the natural testosterone production ability. However, if you follow PCT, it will help you kick-start the ceased testosterone production in the body along with accelerating the recovery rates. The ideal PCT elements often used are Clomid, Nolvadex, HCG, etc.

How to avail testosterone Suspension

At the time of purchasing Testosterone, it’s crucial to confirm it is human grade. Remember that injections of this steroid can be painful. Moreover, if it is not of the best quality, it tends to cause infection too.

Even though it is possible to purchase Testosterone Suspension, this product is not so easily available as Enanthate, Cypionate, and Propionate. This is due to there’s not much demand for this specific variant since its intake involves various complications.

Its use in the field of sports

Testosterone can assist athletes in almost every field of sport. The steroidal health elements are not only suitable for increasing muscle mass and increasing strength. But it can also benefit all the users from bodybuilders to athletes. However, Testosterone Suspension may not be a suitable choice for everyone since it needs frequent dosage and injections that are painful.

Various esters are available these days. And the demand for testosterone suppression is much lower. The only field where administering it is popular is athletics where users are looking for quick clearance. The half-life of test suspension is less than 24 hours. Also, it completely exits the body within 48 hours. Thus, it allows the user to test “clean” at the time of any competition.

Purchase and use in the USA

All versions of synthetic Testosterone along with Suspension belongs to the category of drugs called Schedule III controlled substance in the US. This means it is absolutely illegal to use or distribute this steroidal health compound without a prescription from physicians. And one can only get this for a medical condition.

Physicians don’t have the permission to give out prescriptions to anyone for enhancing performance. It means that unless you have a medical condition that needs the prescription of Testosterone for the treatments, you can’t get this steroidal health element legally in the US.

Testosterone Suspension Cycle

Testosterone Suspension is the potent and pure version of testosterone. As a pure testosterone, it has a very short half-life as little as two hours. That is why it needs regular basis injections for the sustenance of blood levels. That is the reason it is not as exceedingly used as the most other common ester versions of testosterone that need less frequent injections.

Testosterone suspension is not an ester. Instead, it is a water-based testosterone derivative. Generally, Esters are oil-based. And the other difference is that test suspension comes with a short half-life. Thus, it has the downside since it needs more frequent injections to keep up the concentrations of this substance. However, the incredible benefit is that it acts fast in the body.

Testosterone Suspension in brief

It is a potent form of testosterone that is highly popular among the bodybuilders and athletes because of the fast results. However, many other users don’t find the injection schedule that beneficial. Testosterone suspension is not basically advisable for beginners. Contrasting the other forms of testosterone, Suspension comes without an ester attached to it. That is why it is simply pure testosterone.

The esterified versions of testosterone come in the form of an oil-based solution. However, Testosterone Suspension is water-based and it starts fast action as soon as it is taken up by your body. Since there is no ester to slow down its release, it makes Testosterone Suspension a superfast acting steroid. It promotes rapid results since this is potent and pure.

Testosterone 200mg

The benefits of Testosterone Suspension

Being a unique version of testosterone, test Suspension has some added advantages. It works fast because of the lack of ester. Also, the water base allows this steroid to get active immediately. Users can expect fast strength gain, lean muscle pump, fast recovery times, etc.

Testosterone Suspension acts fast to create a great nitrogen balance and accelerate the protein synthesis process in the body. This fast-acting steroid will let you see noticeable gains within the first week of the administering. Users can experience maximum gains within the fourth week of the cycle. And all these make Testosterone Suspension superfast acting testosterone than the ester forms.

More about Testosterone Suspension Cycles

This testosterone needs frequent injections and that is why few people go for a full cycle. A 4-week cycle is standard for most users and the advanced users sometimes extend the cycle to six weeks along with stacking other steroids.

Testosterone Suspension Cycle for beginners

For the beginners, Testosterone Suspension is the only compound in a 4-week short cycle with a dose of 50mg – 100mg daily. The injections should be taken an hour before starting workout during the training days. This will promote speedy results. However, users should be aware of water retention throughout this phase. And, new users should know that talking this steroid needs frequent injections.

Testosterone Suspension Cycle for intermediate

Stacking Suspension with other testosterone esters such as Testosterone Enanthate and other elements such as Deca-Durabolin will be best suitable for a standard cycle plan for intermediate.

12-week Test Prop/Test E/Deca Cycle

In this cycle, you’ll need 3x10ml (100mg/ml) of Test Suspension, 3x10ml (250mg/ml) of Test E or Cyp, 3x10ml (150mg/ml) of Deca, 84×0.5mg Arimidex tabs and 30x50mg Clomid tabs. Users should inject these compounds for 12 weeks following the chart below:

  • Weeks 1-6 –100mg/1CC/day Test Suspension during the training days. Take the Injects one hour before starting the workout.
  • Weeks 1-12 –300mg/2CC/week Deca injected 150mg/1CC/e3.5d (Mon/Thu), 500mg/2CC/week Test E or Cyp injected 250mg/1CC/e3.5d (Mon/Thu).

During this cycle, Testosterone Suspension offers a potent kick-start to the offshoots. In the cycle, administer 0.5mg Arimidex per day. Switch to your PCT 2 full weeks after taking the last testosterone shot with 100mg/day Clomid for 10 days. Then continue with 50mg/day Clomid for 10 days more.

Testosterone Suspension Cycle for advanced users

A potent 6 week advanced bulking stack makes the use of Testosterone Suspension at 100mg to 200mg daily. It goes on for the entire cycle along with Dianabol at the dose of 25mg daily and Winstrol at the dose of 350mg per week. It will promote extra muscle hardening.

Dosage of testosterone Suspension

Many of the beginners do not tend to consider administering Testosterone Suspension because it involves regular painful injections. This is a problem even with the intermediate users. That is why this is meant basically for advanced users. Here let’s check out the dosage for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced users of Testosterone Suspension.

If a beginner decides to administer Testosterone Suspension, it will be beneficial to take the dose 100mg every other day. However, to achieve the best results, it is necessary to go for the daily injections. On the other hand, the intermediate users will have to go for the daily injections at the dose of 50mg and 100mg each day or at least during the training days.

For the most advanced users, taking injections at the dose of up to 200mg per day will be the best. People who know what they are doing may often take injections more than once daily. Thus, this rapid-acting steroid will help them get the best results. (https://steroidcycle.org/testosterone-suspension-cycle/)

Testosterone Suspension Dosage for the female users

Testosterone Suspension is not an advisable steroid for female users. It is because of its exceptionally fast-acting nature and high risk of androgenic effects. That is why there are no dosage recommendations for women.

Side Effects of Testosterone Suspension Cycle

Estrogen related side effects can occur with the Testosterone Suspension. And as you take higher dosages, it promotes the chances of side effects. In fact, the side effects, in this case, come on quicker than that of the other versions of testosterone. It happens since fast action is the nature of testosterone suspension.

The common side effects of taking testosterone suspension are water retention, Gynecomastia, blood pressure, etc. All these possible estrogenic side effects are some of the signs that might bother some people taking high doses of this steroidal health compound for a prolonged time.

The androgenic effects that also can be a risk are oily skin, acne, hair loss, male pattern baldness, etc. The other relevant side effects are irritation at the injection site since it requires more frequent injections.

How to get Testosterone Suspension?

Well, in order to find the best quality products at the best rates it is important to get in touch with a trusted online supplier. Only they can help you get the genuine grade products that will assure safe and satisfaction-guaranteed products at the best rates. They have got a vast range of products. And they offer great customer services too. That is why dealing with a trusted supplier online will be the best.

However, for your safety, here we are going to discuss some of the safety measures that you should follow while taking testosterone suspension. So here we go:

Buy Testosterone suspension

Safety measures to follow while taking test Suspension 

  • Make sure that you are taking the right dosage. Since this is one of the potent versions, this acts fast as this is taken up by the body speedily. Starting with a lower dosage is safe always. Never forget consulting an expert as they can help you learn the right dosage as per your sex, age, body weight, and many other factors.
  • Upgrade the dosage under the supervision of an expert. Taking high doses for a prolonged time can promote various side effects. Therefore, never exceed the dosage assuming that an extra dosage will help you more. Excess dosage can promote various health hazards.
  • While taking the right dosage, make sure you are undergoing the right diet that is clean and enriched with protein. Providing your body with sufficient protein is necessary if you want to make the most of the test suspension cycle.
  • Along with following the right diet you also need to undergo a rigid exercise schedule. This will help you squeeze out the maximum benefit from your steroid schedule.
  • Make sure you are taking the best quality product. Poor quality product can’t get you the results you are looking for. Also, the low-quality product can harm your health.  Therefore, always assure that you are dealing with a reliable online store supplying quality guaranteed products. Well, these are available at reasonable rates. And don’t you think that paying some extra bucks will be worth it as far as your health is concerned.

Hopefully the info given above will be helpful enough for you any time you administer testosterone suspension. Consider the benefits as well as the side effects when you take test Suspension.


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