Product Authentication

Say NO to the fake steroids! Authenticity is extremely important especially when it comes to steroids.

When it comes to health, we should be more particularly careful. No one would inject a poison into the body willingly. Steroid business has grown significantly and so the counterfeits. Most of the world’s famous brands also have their counterfeits, therefore it’s very important to verify legitimacy of each product you’re planning to use. Each product on SteroidNinja that comes with a authentication code can be easily verified on the official manufacturer’s website. We try to pick only timely proven manufacturers which products have been laboratory tested the most.

So a big guy sells the same substance for $20 less?  Don’t even think about buying, for the sake of your health.

Amateur equipment, no proper and tested raw powder quality, no sterile conditions. At this point there is a very significant chance of harming your health, even permanently. Do I need to say more? I don’t think so.


Here are few manufacturers websites that offer product verification and their products can be found on our website.

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*In case your products don’t have any online checkable serial number that’s mean the brand doesn’t set up any website for check the authenticity of the product.