The place of women in modern bodybuilding


The link between women and bodybuilding: the new trends of bikini fitness and the type of body sought by women through steroids


Women and Fitness


For years, body-building was a sport reserved for men.  Whether Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno or Sylvester Stallone, the cinema has contributed for years by giving no place to a woman in the world of bodybuilding. It was not until the 70s that was possible to see the first exhibitions of feminine bodybuilders. The dean was Ernestine Shepherd.
However, the body of a woman is not that of a man.  The aesthetic research of the body in female body-building covers several styles and in particular, weight loss.
While women initially attempted to imitate men by muscle mass gain and by making the exhibitions in parallel. Today, they tend to make IFBB bikini exhibitions professionally.  Their relationship with bodybuilding tends to be much more aesthetically feminine.


Gynecomastia treatments bodybuilder


Weight loss or weight gain program?


The followers of Bodyfitness and IFBB bikini competitions are far from resembling the first bodybuilders.  Whether by substances such as Clenbuterol, Reductil or Anavar, nowadays the trend is to lose the maximum amount of fat in a very fast way up so to benefit the appearance of a body type of IFBB bikini model today.

Although in Bodyfitness, there are still many women who are looking for voluminal development of muscle in the old-school body-building style of the last few decades, the fashion of the ifbb bikini is to have rather voluptuous and well muscled legs and buttocks with a very flat belly and well muscled arms but without too much volume.
It is a method of training that results in the lower body of a bodybuilder and the top of an athlete in gymnastics.  These women have a very specific interest in the search for weight loss as well.


Women and doping


Several scandals relating to women and doping have broken out over the last 20 years.  There are still many people who are persuaded that it is not so easy to recognize a person taking doping products. Yet, just take a quick look at muscle formation, arms and legs, a belly to muscle patterns too similar to a male abdominal musculature, even after hours of practice of bodybuilding. The enlargement of the neck and sometimes the maturation of a voice becoming masculine are also the clues.


Famous cases such as the American Marion Jones, or Brazilian swimmer Rebeca Gusmao as well as others like Griffith Joyner or Barbara Krause are all athletes who have been positively checked for doping products. The bodily improvements which were more than evident then at the time, no longer deceive anyone today.

The muscle volume with apparent veins, the performances, all this is a part of the panel of professional athletes of today. Even though their results can be judged as cheating, it goes without saying that there is a blatant fact about the effectiveness of these products on athletic performance as well as on the muscular improvement of the body. It is evident that for bodybuilding enthusiasts and the IFBB bikini, it is more than necessary to get injections of different doping products and some hormones to achieve the same results for body aesthetics.

IFBB – Bikini Fitness


The international bodybuilding and fitness federation has its own website, where you can find information about international tournaments and the standards and codes to be respected. There are also hundreds of videos giving multiple indications and tips for bikini fitness enthusiasts. Whether it is for weight loss or weight gain, there are tips for different dietary recipes and weightlifting.
You should visit other specialized websites in the sale of doping agents to know what is effective to sculpt your body.

You have to know how to utilize products such as  Winstrol , Clenbuterol and Anavar among others for the rapid loss of fat, as well as knowing the benefit of products like Sibutramine (Reductil) as an appetite suppressant. One of the first difficulties is to restrict eating and to fight against hunger. The most critical periods are always a few days before the cups or the tournaments.



The cult of the beautiful body; bikini fitness


In view of today’s competitions, women no longer have to envy men in bodybuilding or IFBB tournaments. Around the world, this fashion contains a variant of body-building and fitness that drain many followers who try it.
The cult of sculpting the body to copy a specific look of the aesthetic in vogue means that the demand for the benefits of steroids is just at its beginnings.  Everybody is hopeful they will find the magic pill that offers the desired improvements without many side effects.
The IFBB remains as a major drawcard, despite elements of the bodybuilding competition creeping in.  It can also be said that there is a competition at the level of the laboratories that propose their own hormones and molecules. The information and veracity of the products will remain a necessity for this sport to continue progressing.




The revenge of women in terms of body building is still in its infancy. The bikini fitness is definitely a fashion that will last quite a while. The variety of contests and styles will improve the image of women in regards to the evolution of the exhibition of muscular and shapely bodies . The future is open to bold people who want to find cures that will offer a beautiful and sexy body.



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