GFA-RNAst Omstal Pharma [2000mcg/2ml]

Producer:  Omstal Pharma
Type:  Injectable
Pack:  2 vials х 5 ml (25 mg each)
Category:  Plazmid
Active component:  Plasmid encoding the IGF-1 gene
Form:  liquefied
Half-Life:  7d
Application:  200-400 mcg in 5 days
Aromatization:  No
Retains Water:  Possible

More Information about Product

Product advantages

  • Growth in muscle mass and strength within the targeted muscle group
  • Fast fat burning
  • Boosted recovery after training
  • Stronger immunity
  • Toughens tendons and ligaments in the injection area
  • Improves psycho-emotional state


Please consider possible side effects

  • Hypoglycemia


Can be combined with:

Good in combination with any other drug.

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