Infrajet (IGF-1) Omstal Pharma [25mg/5ml]

Producer:  Omstal Pharma
Type:  Injectable
Dose in mg:  50 mg
Pack:  2 vials х5 ml (25 mg each)
Category:  Peptide hormone
Active component:  IGF-1
Form:  liquefied
Half-Life:  6h
Application:  2-5 mg
Aromatization:  No
Retains Water:  Possible

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Product advantages

Growth in muscle mass
Enhanced strength
Raised Collagen synthesis (reinforces tendons and ligaments)
Better sleep
Enhanced lipid profile
Fast fat burning
Boosted recovery after training
Raised emotional background
Supporting normal Liver function
Stronger immunity
Cardio protective effect


Please consider possible side effects

Allergic reactions


Can be combined with:

Enhanced the effectiveness of anabolic steroids. Used in combination with anabolic steroids during a cycle.  Also, taken for synergistic effect with growth hormone and peptides

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