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Anavar Oxandrolone 10mg

Needless to mention but Anavar is one of the potent and most popular cutting oral steroids in the bodybuilding community. This substance promotes an anabolic androgenic steroidal effect that focuses on the power to pump muscle and shed fat. This product advances the development of protein blocks. Also, it encourages the recovery of bone damages. In the market, Anavar is available in the name of Oxandrolone too. Here we are going to dig deeper into anything and everything regarding Anavar.

Anavar: Shed fat while building lean muscle

Anavar provides the users with the power to boost the bone density that helps in recovering the damaged bone. Also, it allows the bodybuilders to increase their weight by pumping the lean muscle mass. This steroidal health compound lets bodybuilders enhance their muscle size and get a stronger outlook.

  • It stimulates the phosphocreatine synthesis
  • This substance enhances the strength and energy of the user
  • No sides effects when used properly


Anavar 10

What is Anavar/Oxandrolone used for?

Bodybuilders prefer administering Anavar for losing fat, developing muscle, and achieving a bulky outlook. Women administering this steroidal health compound usually experience a fast muscle pump after a few days. The product seems to be a less potent element than the other alternatives. And it focuses on healthy weight management. Male users may find it a bit disappointing since it promotes the minimal expansion of muscles. Experts recommend that professional bodybuilders can administer the product along with additional doses of testosterone-induced steroids.

Bodybuilders prefer administering this product since it boosts muscle recovery. Muscle recovery takes place because of the increased power to regenerate the protein cells, the building blocks of muscles. Anavar allows the user to enjoy consistent nitrogen retention that develops a suitable ambiance for advanced protein synthesis. Nitrogen has a crucial role to play in enhancing the bodybuilding performances. This steroidal health element will provide men and women with the power to enjoy fast weight loss (

Increased fat burn during training helps individuals to cut off the extra kilos. Anavar offers a chance that facilitates the rapid gain of a refined outlook. The product is safe for use for both women and men. Men may have a concern about their accessibility to strength and the results out of using this steroid. Anavar helps bodybuilders recover rapidly after going through intense weight training. Also, it helps in recovering from sensitive muscles.


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Check out the effects of an Anavar Cycle 

The Anavar Cycle allows the body to generate protein cells quicker than before. The protein blocks allow the muscle to grow fast. And thus, the users get a superior image. Along with this, the users look more powerful and tougher. This product also allows a person to lose weight. The oral form is easier to administer and it involves no pain either. That is why if you are not willing to take injections of steroidal health compounds, you had better go for the tablets. Taking the right doses will help you get amazing results for cutting.     

How does Anavar impact your body and health?  

Administering Anavar impacts the body by offering a stronger and more powerful body and resilient health. Your body seems to be more powerful and prepared to deal with tougher and more challenging bodybuilding exercises. It boosts energy and also enhances mental vivaciousness:

Common effects of Anavar steroid are:

  • Anavar facilitates higher performance levels and increased muscular strength. Increased muscular power allows an individual a stronger outlook. And also, it develops your confidence level during training.
  • The product is the perfect aid that is used during both the cutting phase and the phase of developing lean muscle mass. Lean muscle mass helps a person look slimmer with a brilliant sculpted look. Anavar boosts the metabolic rate or the BMR, a process that promotes rapid weight loss.
  • The product lets the bodybuilder experience added muscle contraction while this also advances the levels of stamina and strength within a short period. It allows the users to have more strength and stamina that takes their training regimen to the next level.
  • The incredible boost in strength brilliantly impacts the body for maintaining a stronger balance. The body achieves the power to develop stronger and more powerful muscles. And these muscles feel sturdier on the ground.
  • Administering the product allows the body to boost its power to increase protein synthesis and thus, facilitates fast muscle pump.
  • Anavar lets the users enhance the energy level in their body. The energy level lets the bodybuilder go through a rigid exercise schedule. This helps reach their goals rapidly.
  • The user gets a lean and sculpted outlook along with a bulky physique.


Anavar for bodybuilder

Advantages of taking Anavar

Administering Anavar promotes various health benefits that bodybuilders appreciate during undergoing rigid exercise schedules. These advantages help the fitness enthusiasts schedule their training so that they have a clear focus and they find it easy to reach their goals.

Advantages of administering Anavar are as follows:

  • Anavar utilizes the existing muscles of the user for developing a sturdier outlook. Also, this grows the muscle tissues extensively. The expansion of muscles that already exist helps a person expand the entire outlook of their body fast.
  • Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts get an empowered look within a few weeks of taking Anavar. Thus, fast results allow a user to grow confidence.
  • The trainers feel super energetic and taking Anavar allows them to keep their eyes on the focus when they are chasing a training cycle. The increased energy allows the trainer to do their exercises for a longer time. Often the users take part in the additional weight lifting routine.
  • Anavar provides the bodybuilder with the power to lose weight fast while sustaining the muscle mass. It focuses on developing lean body mass that promotes a super sculpted shape and outlook.
  • This steroidal health element allows the users to beat the unnecessary water retention and get rid of the synthetic outlook. Less water retention means the person can stay away from looking bloated along with excluding the uncomforting appearance.
  • The body goes through great nitrogen retention. And this allows the body to conduct fast protein synthesis. In other words, the more nitrogen our body carries, the better protein synthesis occurs.
  • Anavar also helps in producing more red blood cells that carry oxygen. This process is called oxygenation and this oxygenation procedure allows the body to feel more relaxed. Also, this speeds up the recovery rate.
  • This steroidal health compound helps users recover fast after intense weight training. It allows the tender and tired tissues of muscles to recover fast. Thus, with Anavar, bodybuilders get the confidence to train without any concern about muscular damages.

Check out the Side effects

Anavar is a manmade steroid. It is likely to promote various side effects that might badly impact the health and performance of the bodybuilder or athlete. The side effects come up when you keep taking high doses of this substance for a prolonged period. The common side effects of Anavar are here:

  • Depression is one of the crucial side effects. Depression badly impacts the mental status of the user. Also, it influences performance levels.
  • People have reported that they have suffered from bad skin and increased acne.
  • Some users of Anavar complaint about excessive hair loss. Hair loss considerably affects the appearance.
  • Anavar high doses often lead to poor sleep habits.
  • The product impacts on the cholesterol levels of the users too. Cholesterol imbalances can lead to high blood pressure and heart problems. In other words, taking high doses of Anavar can lead to various cardiovascular diseases. Many users have complained about incidents such as heart attacks during the use of steroids. Users need to be careful while administering this product. They should stay away from high dosage levels.
  • Some bodybuilders have reported that they have experienced liver damages while administering Anavar. This steroidal health element, no doubt, presents considerable strength. And over some time, it tends to cause the organs to struggle. The liver needs to work hard to process the steroidal compounds. It is likely to leave various negative impacts on the body.
  • At the time of undergoing bodybuilding exercises, our system goes through extensive physical stress. It is quite likely because you increase the pressure of activities on your body every day. Remember, increased stress makes the system struggle. And thus, your system is likely to experience long-term damages.
  • Anavar tends to increase blood pressure. This problem along with increased stress level can cause severe health issues that can make a person suffer in the long run. Therefore, bodybuilders should be careful while administering this steroidal health compound.

Anavar 10mg Tablet

Anavar and its legal alternative (Anvarol)

Anvarol provides the body with increased energy and it enables the body to grow muscles in a fast process. It helps the bodybuilder to increase muscle binding for a long period. Also, it increases the muscle development procedure. The other advantages of taking this steroidal health element are that it causes sudden energy eruptions along with promoting high-performance. That is why taking this substance is beneficial in weight training exercises, cutting, as well as in bulking cycles.

The compound promotes fat burn along with increasing metabolism and power to train intensely. The advanced fat burn and shaping power allow the users to shape their bodies, get a defined outlook, and reach the fitness goal. Anvarol is the legal and natural steroid alternative that offers a safer procedure to perform extensive fitness workouts and reach the bodybuilding goals. This helps users enjoy increased muscular strength fast. This substance allows the users to progress their performance fast along with enjoying a fast recovery.

This natural element focuses on increasing the potential to increase strength, power, and confidence that is required to build a strong body. The product promotes rapid results that show up within the 30 days of administering.

When to take Anavar?

Usually, an Anavar cycle ranges within 6 to 8 weeks as per the training experience of the bodybuilders. According to the experts, the advisable dosages are – 30 mg for athletic purposes, up to 80 mg for the cutting cycles, 100 mg for the bulking cycles, etc. Bodybuilders administer Anavar basically as a stand-alone product. Or, one can incorporate the use of this compound with other testosterone steroids.

It is necessary to follow a post cycle therapy or PCT since it will allow the body to restore the natural and healthy production of testosterone hormones. Anavar leaves a bad impact on the natural testosterone production levels in the body. And the body needs time to regenerate that process. Professionals recommend that bodybuilders should avoid exceeding the dose of 100 mg.

Individuals who are preparing for a bulking cycle should go for a test option and should review the effects. However, sometimes bodybuilders especially focus on burning fat and enhanced performance. For enjoying the safe use of this product, beginners should follow the guidance from the professionals about the recommended dosages.

Don’t forget that following the excess doses for a prolonged period can lead to various health hazards. On the other hand, the insufficient dosage can’t get you the results you are looking for. That is why make sure you are taking the right dosage and following the right cycle. Don’t forget to consult the experts since they can help you learn the right dosage according to your sex, age, fitness goal, the medications you are currently taking, etc.

Along with taking the right dosage, you should also make sure you are administering quality guaranteed products. Poor quality steroidal health products can lead to various health problems. Only deal with trusted suppliers since they can get you the right quality product at the right price. Along with taking the quality product at the right dosage make sure you are following a clean suitable diet along with going through a rigid exercise schedule.


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Here is a smart guide for administering Anavar in cutting cycle

Anavar is considered one of the potent cutting steroidal health elements available in the market these days. Its use is extensively popular in the bodybuilding community. From professional bodybuilders to amateur fitness enthusiasts – Anavar is highly popular around the world. When you compare this to several other anabolic-androgenic steroids, this option is way safer. And both men and women can use this steroidal health booster.

However, before we talk about Anavar in detail, it is crucial to consider that Anavar is a bulking steroid. It helps in developing leaner muscles and promotes that crazy ripped look. However, it won’t emphasize your body just as other bulking steroids usually do.  In the following passages, let’s check out more about this steroid as a cutting element.

Administering Anavar in the cutting cycle

Just like the most other steroids, Anavar also is manmade in the laboratories. And this is a trade-name for the manmade steroid oxandrolone. It imitates some of the features of testosterone. And therefore, users can expect to gain lean muscle mass with its help. Initially, it was supposed to be a drug for weight gain, especially for people who are suffering from muscle waste diseases due to injuries or in certain cases.

If you are a beginner, you might find it difficult to find Anavar since using this drug is not legal always or in every place. For purchasing it online, you should importantly check out the dosage, frequency as well as the cycle. In the USA, it is a prescription-only drug. That’s why many buyers prefer bagging it online. Be careful of the fake products since some of them might contain poor quality ingredients that can harm your health.

Recommended dosage

The dosage of Anavar for the bodybuilding and cutting phases is likely to vary from that dosage used for medical purposes. Generally, steroidal health compounds work differently on different users. Just as that, their results, as well as the side effects, are likely to differ too.

If you search online, you will come across various websites that come with vast information regarding the cycle, dosage, and options of Anavar. Experts always advise starting with a lower dose. That will help in tracing the side effects as well as the impacts. Most of the users start with a low dosage ranging from 15 mg to 25 mg (

Yes, Anavar is available online. But while making purchases online for Anavar remember that all the products may not be genuine always. Various fraud suppliers are notorious for supplying bad quality products. These contain questionable ingredients that might harm your health. There is a smart way to deal with this problem. And that is to take your time for reading reviews of the products accessible in the market.

Consult with your trainer, if possible. He/she might get you some tips or suggestions for your personalized fitness routine. Also, the steroidal health elements can leave a bad impact on your liver. In the case of Anavar too, there is no exception. It is always smart to avoid drinking alcohol and other elements that are likely to further affect the organs. Consider following the rules, and recommendations. Thus, Anavar will help you get the safe expected results.

Anavar (Oxandrolone)

Anavar (Oxandrolone)

The dream of any athlete is increasing their muscular strength. And maybe that is hardly possible naturally. Well, that is not quite impossible either since we have the steroidal health elements. Well, not only about increasing muscle strength. But steroidal health elements also help in improving endurance and bone density. To achieve this goal, the majority of athletes prefer administering anabolic steroids.

The most harmless anabolic steroidal health element is Anavar when it comes to the manifestation of side effects. After all, it is known to all that initially it was developed especially for babies and women. It holds various valuable features that make this anabolic unavoidable.

This drug is also renowned in the name of Oxandrolone. It is exceedingly popular in the bodybuilding community since it is one of the potent anabolics used in intensive weight loss. Generally, Oxandrolone comprises several incomparable benefits against analogs.

How Anavar helps in building amazingly cut muscles

Anavar, an anabolic steroid stands as an agonist of androgen receptors. It promotes various advantages such as increased protein synthesis, enhanced bone density, growth of muscle mass, etc. The other benefits of administering Anavar are mentioned below:

  • It leaves a positive impact on the creatine phosphate production that directly involves the regeneration of the normal amount of adenosine triphosphate.
  • It blocks receptors such as cortisol.
  • Anavar enhances the calcium balance along with replenishing the amount of magnesium and calcium.
  • It boosts protein synthesis in the body.

The advantages mentioned above conclude that Anavar helps you all the ways so you can get an elegant body sculpted with brilliant lean muscles (

Instructions regarding taking Oxandrolone for improving athletic performance

Many athletes are confused regarding how to take Oxandrolone. Well, first of all, this steroid is only recommended for male users. And the other significant thing is that Anavar doesn’t convert to estrogen. It is advantageous basically for the athletes in the age category of 40+.

The users must administer this substance on an empty stomach. It helps users to mug up the maximum results. If you want to improve the relief, you need to use this steroidal health element for two months. You should go through the cycle following the relevant steps. It is required to begin with a dose of 20 mg per day. And, the dose should be divided into two doses:

  • One in the morning.
    • And the other in the afternoon.

The best time for taking the dose is 10 minutes before taking a meal. However, why is it necessary to take it in two steps? The fact to notice is that this allows you to keep the indicator of the substance at the same level in the body.  This, in turn, helps in increasing the power of Oxandrolone. After 7 days, you should increase the dosage, and then you will have to divide the doses into three separate doses.

If you don’t see the negative effects during the cycle, you can carry on the cycle for 1.5 months. During the time you administer Anavar, having sports nutrition is required. Most importantly, an athlete should have a balanced diet, and they should have at least two grams of protein per 1 kg of weight. Men can go for combining steroid cycles or stacking.

Stacking improves the overall effect. However, when it comes to female users, they must follow a solo cycle. In the penultimate week of the steroid cycle, the users must further include Tamoxifen in their Anavar cycle. You can consider this the PCT or the Post Cycle Therapy since this can help in restoring the natural healthy testosterone production in the body.

However, before you start administering Oxandrolone, you should consult a specialist and follow an examination for identifying pathologies of the prostate gland and other crucial glands such as the liver. Users must also go for identifying the chronic diseases and the other organ disorders.

The right dosage of Anavar

Anavar is a steroidal health element that is great for the bodybuilders who want to cut. Also, the powerlifters who do not want to move to a heavier weight category prefer taking this health-boosting compound. Now, the question is what dosage of Anavar should amateurs follow?

For the athletes, the recommended dosage is 20 mg per day. They should take it twice – once in the morning and the other in the late afternoon. Users should not take a dose right before bedtime. Generally, the cycle lasts for 6 weeks. And, when you are following such a low dose cycle, going for a PCT is not required.

What dosage should professional athletes follow for Anavar? Per day, the dosage should not exceed 40 – 80 mg. The dose should be divided into three to four doses. As far as the duration of the cycle is concerned, it can vary from six to eight weeks. In this situation, users can go for a method called “ladder.” In this process, the dose gradually increases. Here the dose starts from 20 mg, and it ends at the dose of 80 mg.

The experienced users, such as athletes, who are going through an Anavar cycle for a long time, often extend the duration of the cycle to 12 weeks. To keep unwanted reactions away, people sometimes take Oxandrolone with other health compounds. However, in that case, one should remember that they should not exceed the dosage of 40 mg per day.

Also, remember that athletes possessing good muscle mass, and an average indicator of adipose tissue are likely to mug up the maximum result. However, at this point, users should not forget that the range of the dose still depends on the personal traits of the athlete. For example:

  • The experience of administering anabolic steroids.
    • Physiological traits and abilities.
    • Training schedule and other indicators.

That is why it is crucial to follow a complete medical examination. And consulting with a specialist is also necessary. On this basis, the specialist can decide and adjust the dosage. The other factors they consider while recommending the right dosage are the sex, age, body weight, medications the users currently taking, etc.

Anavar Dragon Pharma Tabs

Which is better – “Solo” cycles or complex combined cycles?

Now, the answer to this question depends on the result you are looking for. If you want to advance the overall muscle relief, you can go for a simple cycle of Oxandrolone. A “solo” will be better at this point. However, if you want to increase strength and weight simultaneously, here it will be better to go for a more complex combined steroid cycle. This includes more powerful androgens. These combinations help in minimizing the unwanted effects or side effects of the compounds. Thus, you will get more visible muscles.

At the time of administering Anavar along with other elements, it will be best to prefer steroidal health compounds. It will create high-quality and lean muscles. The lightest yet productive complex is Oxandrolone and Masteron in the form of an injection. In this case, with this variation, you will get a brilliant shape. Also, here the tendencies of adverse reactions and damage to the body will be reduced. Having these two steroids in a cycle will supplement each other in the best possible way.

Along with this, even when you have minimal dosing, you will get the synergistic results that will be most powerful. Such a combined cycle that lasts 40 days will give an athlete up to 6 kg of lean muscles. However, complex cycles with Sustanon or other long testosterone esters along with Anavar will not come up with the aspired results, unfortunately. However, steroidal health compounds such as Oxandrolone and testosterone propionate can be an excellent variation for athletes looking for building muscle. It will help in developing dry muscles.

Why Anavar is ideal for men

Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts are fond of this anabolic steroid since Oxandrolone helps them achieve more and more strength. Along with this, it has low hepatoxicity. This anabolic will be the most suitable option for those who have been on a “rocking chair” for long and now they want to move from a “dead center”, even though they don’t have any experience with administering anabolic steroids.

Anavar is the steroid that offers a pure anabolic effect. Oxandrolone is suitable for men. It allows the users to mug up maximum results. Here are the five reasons why Anavar is suitable for male users:

  1. Anavar is the safest anabolic among all the other oral cutting steroids. It is, in fact, a real pro steroid.
  2. It helps the users get a sculpted physique. Achieving hard, elastic, lean, and clean muscles without water retention and fat deposits become so easy with Anavar. Every athlete desires this at the drying stage to gain muscle mass after a cycle.
  3. Anavar helps in increasing both strength and endurance. The advancement of these indicators is involved with an increased amount of creatine phosphate in the muscle tissues. This trait of anabolic is of great value at the pre-preparatory phase of an upcoming competition. Users can experience a considerable boost in strength. However, the athlete will not go beyond the right weight category.
  4. Anavar accelerates the fat burning process by boosting the BMR or the basal metabolic rate. When on a cycle, you are likely to bulk muscles for long. However, you won’t get a considerable relief if you don’t burn the subcutaneous fat. Anavar helps in speeding up the fat burning procedure and this makes the body lean and healthy again. And this is something that every fitness enthusiast aspires.
  5. Anavar reduces aromatization. The male hormone testosterone doesn’t convert into the female hormone estrogen. And you can often find this procedure in the “side effects” of many anabolics. Such processes lead to excessive accumulation of fluid that is also known as fluid retention or water retention, breast enlargement (Gynecomastia), and suppression of testosterone production. However, administering Anavar involves no such problems.

Dosing for men – All depends on the goal

  • When it comes to improving the relief – the right dosage of Anavar ranges from 30 to 50 mg per day. An athlete with large muscle mass can take a dosage ranging from 50 to 70 mg per day. The cycle lasts from six to eight weeks with no interruptions.
  • You can use Testosterone propionate for reducing water and fat retention. The dosage here may vary from 200 to 400 mg per week.
  • People willing to shed fat can go for Anavar along with Trenbolone (not more than 150 mg per week) or Oxandrolone with Primobolan (dosage ranges from 200 to 300 mg in seven days).
  • For mass gaining, the user can take Anavar with Nandrolone decanoate (the dosage ranges from 200 to 400 mg per week). It will be a potent combination. The other variation is Anavar with Boldenone undecylenate with a dosage of 800 mg per week. Generally, this compound is suitable for men professionals and amateurs just getting acquainted with sports anabolics.

Anavar is the best steroid for women.

Anavar is often called a “female steroid” since it is exceedingly popular among the young ladies aiming at building muscle, and burning fat. And it is safe for female users. This is one of the best suitable options for people willing to increase their strength without mugging up extra weight.

Cutting or bulking – definitely the goal decides the dosage for the female users. For beginners, the right dosage is 5 mg, and then in the second week, they can increase the dosage by another 5 mg. Then, they can upgrade the dose to 20 mg. However, unlike men who can go for both a solo and a complex cycle, only the solo cycle is recommended for women.

Hopefully, all the info given above will help you make a smart move while administering Anavar. Check out the advantages for both men and women. Also, consider the dosage and side effects. Consult an expert and make purchases for a quality product from the trusted online stores to stay on the side of safety.


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