Trenbolone pills – Dosage, Cycle, Results

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Trenbolone – otherwise known simply as “Tren” – is considered one of the most effective steroids for altering physique and body shape. Trenbolone has both anabolic and androgenic results and is five times more effective than testosterone. 


Trenbolone Cycles 

The anabolic effects of trenbolone include building muscle, protein synthesis, cell repair, and nitrogen retention. The androgenic effects include strength gains, boosted metabolism, better muscle hardness, and – in some cases – increased aggression. 


Trenbolone is used by people who want to build muscle and lose fat. An excellent quality cycle can deliver better results than just about any other performance enhancer on the market. There are lots of different plans to choose from, but you’re practically guaranteed to get a great result. 


The good thing about Tren is that it can be used for both cutting or bulking. With all of that said, here are some of the best trenbolone cycles and dosages, along with the results you can expect to get. 

Oral Trenbolone
Oral Trenbolone

The Beginner Tren Cycle 

It’s a mistake to think that the beginner cycle is basic and weak just because of the name. This cycle is a great starting point for people who are new to Tren. The beginner cycle is only as extensive as you need it to be. The basic cycle also includes testosterone. Many people recommend taking testosterone alongside trenbolone anyway, as Tren is known to reduce natural testosterone production. 


The dosage for the beginner cycle is to take 50mg of Tren every other day. You can increase the dosage to 75mg per day if your body can take it. No matter what dosage you choose, the cycle lasts for eight weeks. You can push that to 12 weeks, but not everyone can tolerate that, and it isn’t worth the risk. 


You should only push to 12 weeks if you have some experience taking Tren. In terms of stacking, Tren stacks well with testosterone, Anavar, Winstrol, and other anabolics. 


The Intermediate Tren Cycle 

The intermediate trenbolone cycle is more than enough for the average person who wants to stay safe. If you’ve taken trenbolone in the past, then you could consider taking a longer ester form of trenbolone. Be mindful of the fact that Trenbolone-Acetate could be more efficient than regular trenbolone. 


The intermediate trenbolone cycle involves taking 75mg of Tren every other day or 100mg every other day. 


Advanced Trenbolone Cycles 

An advanced trenbolone cycle begins at 100mg every other day and could become 100mg every single day. You don’t need to use such a strong dose unless you’re an active athlete who continually pushes themselves to the limit. Increasing the dose doesn’t increase results unless you work out even more, and won’t be worth the stress to the average person. If you combine the dose with the right diet and are preparing for a competition, though, you could find this dose is just right. 


It is possible to take an advanced Tren cycle during an off-season. People have found combining Tren with Dbol is an excellent way to get results without causing too much stress. An effective overlapping cycle for Tren includes taking Dbol and testosterone for 12 weeks, adding Tren to the mix in week 10. Cycle off of Deca by the 12th week, so you are only taking Tren and testosterone. 


Can Women use trenbolone?

Women should not use trenbolone under any circumstances. This anabolic steroid has strong androgenic effects and therefore is not recommended for women. Women who use Tren are likely to develop male characteristics, and it can have a severe impact on their hormonal health. There are plenty of steroids and supplements suited for women. Women can look to these supplements and steroids for effective results without compromising their health. 


Trenbolone Results 

Trenbolone cycles are among the most effective and exciting steroid cycles around. You can expect to get some incredible results from a Tren cycle, which means getting more benefits as an athlete taking Tren. Trenbolone is also one of the most versatile steroids around and can be used for just about anything. Trenbolone is an effective point of any cutting or bulking phase.


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