The impact of steroid on the dick size – Should men take it seriously?

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If you wish to run a cycle of steroids or prohormones, the information below is going to be a crucial piece of knowledge for you. Here we are basically going to discuss the impact of steroids on the size of dick. If you are going to administer steroids and you are concerned about how it will impact your dick size, you need to consider several crucial things. You need to know if a steroid cycle will make your dick smaller or bigger.

You might have heard it that steroid freaks have no dick!! Well, some questions are buzzing around every muscle enthusiasts willing to use steroids or prohormones. And, indeed there is tons of misinformation in the air out in the locker room of the gym.

So, will administering steroids make your penis shrink? Or it is just the ball that shrinks? And these are the likely questions lingering and getting bantered around again and again. Hopefully, this article will bring all the doubts to the end.

How steroid impacts the penis

Do steroids make the penis bigger or shrink? The answer is no. They will not. But steroids can make it larger in case you are in the proper growth phase and you are using the right steroid. Administering the wrong type of steroid won’t let your manhood reach its full potential.

The basic thing you need to consider is that any substance such as testosterone, nandrolone, equipoise, etc. that convert into estrogen can stop your penis from growing and acting to its full potential. On the other hand, substances such as Primobolan, Masterone, Anavar, etc. that can’t convert into estrogen can potentially make you bigger (

Steroids do not impact the dick unless the user is still on the development stage of his growth. According to some the growth stage is generally over at the age of 18. And some others say, it is at 21. However, it is quite a safe bet to think that when you are 21+ you are good to go with it. This is the reason the advice here is not to administer anabolic steroids if you are under the age of 21.

In a single sentence, if you are over 21 and you are not growing, anabolic steroids will leave no effects on the size of your dick. You actually never know when you will stop growing. Considering that, younger guys should be administering steroids that don’t turn into estrogen. Or, they should utilize an estrogen blocker side by side to keep unwanted hassles away.

If you are under 18 and you are still growing, it can potentially make your penis larger or smaller depending on the type of steroids you administer. However, this is not usually recommended. Also, there is some good evidence that shows creatine is safe for all ages. And it can turn your body into a more DHT loaded anabolic state that will make a suitable environment biologically. And that will support the growth of the penis.

That means DHT steroids can make your penis bigger. Contrarily, estrogenic steroids tend to make your penis smaller. DHT steroids like some types of Prohormone can potentially increase the dick size while some other Prohormones tend to stop it from developing.

Will steroids make the testicles shrink?

Well, this is exactly where the misconceptions grow. Steroids signal the testicles to shut down. And that is how they get smaller. Considering all that, the answer is yes. Most anabolic/androgenic steroids tend to cause temporary testicle shrinkage as long as you use these items in a safe way. Basically, when a person takes steroidal health elements they are simply introducing a hormone in their body from the outside.

In that way, you are providing your body with a higher level of hormone that your body could ever produce. That is why the body signals itself to slow down its own hormone production since there is already plenty of it. And, this leads to shrunken testicles while you are “on” cycle.

This short term effect actually may be good for you as you get older. Hence, that is really not a big deal. Usually, there are no long term side effects that this shrinkage can promote. Once you take a break from the steroids or prohormones, your normal hormone production procedure restores. Also, the testicle size gets normal. It can take 2-4 weeks.

What about speeding up the ball recovery?

It can speed up the ball recovery if you go for a PCT or “Post Cycle Therapy”.  This means administering herbs, estrogen blockers, and testosterone boosters to restore your natural production after going through a steroid or prohormone cycle. PCT or Post cycle therapy is basically suggested for men who are taking a break from steroids since it will help them mug up better results along with saving your ball size.

How to boost sexual performance?

If you prefer taking larger loads and better erections, you should consider taking various herbs, amino acids along with prohormones. This will boost your performance in the bedroom.

Now let’s check out what online survey on AAS users has to convey.

What online survey offers

Reviewed data from an online survey of AAS (anabolic-androgenic steroids) users will help you assess the sexual function while they are on and off AAS. The online survey comprised of questions regarding demographics, patterns, and use of anabolic steroid, ancillary medications, testosterone (T)-oriented signs during on and off of therapy, etc. Also, it consisted of sexual function that was evaluated by using the 5-item, International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5).

The lasting effect of using high doses of AAS on sexual function is defined poorly. Even though high dosages of T seems to be protecting the erectile function during administering, de novo signs such as decreased libido and erectile dysfunction took place more frequently after discontinuing taking T. This happened particularly among users taking T more frequently and for a prolonged time (

The likely advantages of T supplementation in male users with testosterone deficiency have been reported vastly. It came with meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) showing unsure advancements in libido, sexual thoughts, AM erections, and erectile function. In the largest randomized controlled trials to date, T supplementation in men with low T came out with mild advancements in almost all subdomains of sexual function evaluated, with the effects of 1-year treatment ranging from 2–10%.

There is the abundance in the info regarding the physiologic role of T on sexual function and effect of supplementation in men with low T. However, small info is accessible about the impacts of supra-physiologic Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids intake on erectile function and libido in the long and short terms.

Explore the relation between steroids and penis size

Men participating in administering steroids often have to deal with misinformation about the substance and its’ potential side effects. Generally, we get info about the advantages of the steroids. But what we may not know is that using steroids can be dangerous on the hormonal and reproductive health. In fact, Steroids are regulated as food supplements, instead of drugs.

That is why there is no regulation over the chemicals available in those substances. As a result, steroid users hardly have any idea regarding what they are taking in or how potent these can be. The following passages will help you learn more about the relationship between steroids and dick size (

Steroids and dick size

There is a rumor that steroids will affect your dick size. Opposing the popular notion, using steroids does not bring any change to the dick size. If a man owns normal hormonal levels, it is likely that there will be no effect on the penis.

Testosterone and steroid   

Taking higher doses of steroids for a prolonged period will result in longer testosterone suppression. Steroids tend to make the hormonal balance of your body to break down and go to a ‘pre-pubescent state’. After administering steroids, your body needs enough time to restore the normal capability of testosterone production in your body.

When you are injecting synthetic testosterone or steroids, the result you get right after stopping the injections is the deficiency of natural testosterone. One of the many signs of testosterone deficiency is ED. Additionally, it can damage the sperm count.

Boosting your dick size

If you want to increase your dick size, you can never do that by administering steroids. In that case, penile Enlargement Surgery or Penis Enlargement will be the most beneficial method to enhance penis size. Thus, you will get progressive and permanent results.

To get a better idea, let’s delve into detailed info regarding steroid and dick size in the passages given below.

How Steroids actually impact Your Body

If you are regularly spending time in the gym these days, it is likely you are hearing a lot about steroids. And you should take this reference seriously since the reality is grimmer. A lot of gym gores are taking steroidal health elements even though they know there can be serious drawbacks. You might be aware that anabolic steroids are illegal. Still, you will see that a lot of online stores are offering steroids to cope with the increasing demand. Well, the customers are willing to get stronger and look more attractive.

The matter of fact is that many of the users are familiar with the supposed “benefits” of steroidal health elements. However, they are not acquainted with the dark side yet. In certain cases, situations can get worse. These products can leave the nasty side effects on your body and even on your mind too. You might have been facing some locker room rumors and it is time to clear up them.

Experts such as Dr. Ed Sebanegh, M.D., the department chair of urology at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, and Dr. Stuart Weinerman, M.D., an endocrinologist at North Shore–LIJ Health System in New York can help us clear up some of those rumors.

Steroids make the testicles shrink

If you think this is a rumor you will be making a mistake. When a man uses steroidal health elements to enhance his testosterone levels, it shuts down the natural testosterone production level of your body. In fact, it ruins the entire hormonal balance in your body. The result is – smaller testicles.

According to Sebanegh, our body has its own feedback mechanisms. And it helps in sensing the level of male hormones. And it uses that response to determine if it needs to ‘turn down the thermostat,’ or it has enough of it. When a man administers these substances, his body ‘turns down the thermostat,’ and thus, it shuts down the androgen production in the testicles. He says it forces the hormonal balance of your body to a “pre-pubescent state.”

As soon as a man stops taking steroids, the testicles will grow to its normal size

Do not consider anything like that. Even after a user stops administering anabolic steroids, his body will take time to restore its natural level of testosterone production. The higher dosage you take and the longer time you follow such doses for, the longer you testosterone suppression you experience.

According to Weinerman, it’s not yet clear how frequently and if at all it’s permanent in men. However, there can be serious or severe testosterone deficiency even for two years after stopping taking steroidal health elements. Weinerman continues, sometimes guys can enjoy long-lasting fertility as well as sexual dysfunction problems as the result of administering steroids.

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Experienced steroid users can have ED problems

Well, this is a serious issue and a guy should not take it lightly. A man’s sexual ability is likely to remain unchanged on steroids. However, right after he stops taking steroidal compounds he can experience sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction. Weinerman says that most patients don’t experience problems with erectile dysfunction when they are taking steroids.

However, after they stop taking it, or they try to stop, all of a sudden they produce very low testosterone naturally. And, consequently, they can have a grim issue regarding erectile dysfunction.

Steroids grow man boobs

Well, it is a solid truth. The body of every guy naturally converts some amount of testosterone into estrogen. However, when a man is administering higher dosages of testosterone for a prolonged time, his body converts some of it into estrogen to restore a “normal” ratio of T to estrogen. That boost in estrogen can promote some results that are not manly at all.

Sebanegh says that some male users experience a growth in their breasts. Weinerman further elaborates that the doses taken thoughtlessly can promote either the growth of man boobs or gynecomastia or tissue tenderness called mastodynia. Most of the androgenic compounds tend to result in theses.

Steroids can damage the fertility of a man

Along with shrinking a guy’s testicles and reducing natural testosterone production, anabolic steroids can also damage the sperm count of a man. Men usually have a super-high count of androgens in their testicles.

And this is what turns on sperm production and plays a crucial role in sustaining its normal level. Sebanegh further adds if a man is administering steroidal compounds, his body tends to turn down the production of natural testosterone. And thus, simultaneously the sperm count will drop.

Considering that Sebanegh says, men willing to improve fertility needs to be proactive regarding their health. Also, they should consult an expert and ask a lot of relevant questions while they are on steroids such as testosterone supplements. For example, the WHO has been considering testosterone-based therapies as male contraceptives. And since they are taking it as ‘men’s pill,’ you definitely need to be careful about taking it as far as your fertility is concerned.

A man can stop producing extra estrogen

False. When facing an unnatural rise in estrogen, some steroid users will have to take some compounds called aromatase inhibitors. These are basically designed to block estrogen production. Apart from the risk in messing with hormones, men taking aromatase inhibitors tend to have side effects such as joint pain, muscle pain, low libido, loss of bone density leading to osteoporosis, etc.

Steroids change dick size

Ignore this rumor. If you hear a guy saying steroids have made his dick bigger, he is bluffing for sure. Using steroids does not change the disk size in guys with normal hormone levels.

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Quality doesn’t really matter

You know that quality matters first. If you are concerned about the dick size, poor quality steroids can harm your sex life. Administering steroids can be risky and a dangerous approach for your hormonal and reproductive health. And you have to deal with these risks even when you embrace medically approved compounds and doses.

Weinerman says, what is even scarier is that steroids are often taken only as food supplements, not as medications. And thus, there is hardly any control over what chemicals users are actually taking. Virtually, common people don’t have any idea regarding what they are buying and taking. They don’t know how potent these compounds can be. That is why before you buy any of these compounds over-the-counter, you should consult an expert and carefully check what it consists of.

HCG can help a guy recover the side effects of steroids

This is not necessarily true. Some male users try to avoid the side effects of steroidal health elements by administering doses of HGH a pituitary hormone that occurs naturally. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Instead of simply pouring more testosterone into the system, HCG plays a crucial role in over-stimulating a guy’s gonads so that it can produce more testosterone and sperm. The only concern here is that there is not much known about the elevated levels of HCG. And even experts worry that it can promote dangerous health results after taking higher doses of it for a prolonged time.

Sebanegh says that it is not yet known exactly how it impacts people’s health in the long term. And that is a matter of concern for the users. Also, there are many other problems that might come out. Weinerman agrees that the patients don’t get the small testes and the abnormality in the sperm. But they really don’t know the bad effects.

There is a concern that defines since your testosterone is over- stimulated you are likely to have long-term diseases. Experts recommend their patients that they won’t probably ever want to be study animals. In some cases, HCG even gets promoted as a diet plan. However, that is also not safe. In fact, there is hardly any proof it even works, report the Mayo Clinic.

Anabolic steroids and dick size – Its impact on sex life

Anabolic steroids are chemical substances that are generated chemically. And these are utilized effectively for various relevant medical reasons. Anabolic steroids also have common uses that promote prominence and develop the body. Steroidal health compounds have been beneficial for years. In fact, these are a huge hit in the bodybuilding and athlete community.

These are exceedingly popular among the athletes, gym-goers, and people pursuing active and dangerous occupations for years to get that “edge” in their performance. What is more, many steroids are approved for the use during operations and also as a strong pain-relieving compound. Remember that the Legal use of steroids requires the prescription and guidance of a healthcare provider (

Mainly because of the tendency for steroid abuse, these compounds are banned from all fields of sporting events, both amateur and professional. People abusing steroids actually expose themselves vulnerable to various side effects leading to nasty health problems and even death.

Anabolic steroids are the most common form of anabolic steroids. Steroids are highly effective at promoting active and rapid regeneration and development of muscles and the connected tissues. The process that contributes to it is simple. The male body secretes testosterone and the bodies utilize the hormone. Testosterone is the prime chemical agent that promotes physical growth and fuels maturity at the time of puberty.

The potential of anabolic steroids comes from the ability to boost the androgenic effect of the natural process of testosterone production. In turn, this progress permits the development of a man’s sexual features rapidly. As a result, many men are developing an interest in employing steroids for increasing their penis size and enhancing erection. However, the expense of steroids might not make it accessible to many men. That is why they sometimes lean towards the substitutes that contain similar compounds.

The low-quality steroidal health compounds can be very severe on health and can often lead to illness, injury, and death. In addition to this, many steroid drugs are Anavar proven to change chemical amounts permanently. It can also cause effective internal damage to the organs, tissues, and ligaments in the body. Administering steroids can also promote non-permanent and permanent male impotence. This can break down the entire hormonal balance in a male body.

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In many cases, it happens that even the extreme desire for love-making can-not overcome the testosterone-driven impotence. In some other cases, the penis can be able to have an erection but since the total amount of human hormones is disrupted, that man can’t get a proper function. Steroids can leave a deeply negative impact on the self-confidence and quality lifestyle of people since they will have damaging effects on their penis.

So it is basically, a man can’t get a proper erection due to erectile dysfunction. It doesn’t leave an impact on the size of the dick but on the ball size since it damages the testosterone production.

There are, alternatively, some studies claiming that there is no connection between using steroids and penis shrinkage. It is quite normal for the penile to get smaller and loose when there is no desire for sexual intercourse. However, steroids can cause a lack of sexual desire in many cases and that can be quite a persistent problem. What is a matter of concern is that in many cases of treating steroid-induced issues regarding the penis treatment efforts have not been as successful as desired.

Thus, a medical study has not determined yet that steroids are directly associated with the decreasing size of the penis. However, it is identified that administering steroids can aggravate a tiny penis condition that is in position already. We can conclude that consulting a proficient physician is always recommended when it comes to using steroids. It is always the most reliable process to utilize steroids.

Here, let’s check out how you can make better use of steroidal health elements –

Consult a fitness expert – Make sure you consult the health experts first regarding your health concern. It is important to let the expert know what your fitness goal is. They will advise you accordingly. You may want to cut or bulk while you may have sex problems or any other concern. As far as fitness is concerned, the fitness gurus and your fitness trainer can help you to some extent. But to stay on the side of safety, consult a health expert first. They can help you learn how you can make the most of administering steroidal health compounds while staying on the side of safety.

Determine the right dosage – This is where the experts can help you out. To enjoy the most of using steroids and to keep side effects at bay, it is important to administer the right dosage. The low dosage can’t get you the expected results while overdosage can promote various side effects – some reversible and some irreversible. The experts can help you learn the right dosage according to your sex, age, body weight, fitness goal, current health condition, experience, medications you are taking, and many other factors.

Buying the right product – If you want to enjoy pleasing and enduring effects, you need to make sure you are taking the right quality products. Instead of dealing with just anyone available, search online thoroughly, and deal with one selling quality checked products at the best rates. These will help you get the best results. Remember one thing poor quality products can badly impact your health. That is why you need to be careful on this part.

Proper exercise and diet – If you want to mug up the best results out of using steroidal health compounds you need to be careful that you are following a suitable lifestyle. Along with taking the right product at the right dosage you also need to follow a healthy protein enriched and calorie-restricted diet. Also, you need to follow the right exercise schedule.

Will steroids shrink the ball

Will administering anabolics shrink a man’s dick? Let’s find out more. As a gym-goer, of health and fitness enthusiast, you are likely to be interested in the topic of steroids. You might have heard a lot about Juicing, doping, injecting, and now you have several relevant questions buzzing around your mind, right? Also, you came across a lot of rumors and myths. One of those is definitely a man’s concern. Can the use of steroid shrink testicles? We will delve into the topic in the following passages.

The answer in a word is yes. Steroids will shrink your testicles. And here’s why. By juicing, you are heightening your testosterone levels, and that will hamper your natural hormonal balance. As a response, your body will shut down the natural testosterone production leading to smaller, less-active testicles (

Can they go back to normal size?

It will depend on how long the course is. Depending on that a man’s testicles can get back to normal when taking steroids is over. Obviously, it will depend on the length, duration, and intensity of the steroid cycle of the user.

Dr. Ed Sebanegh, M.D., from the department chair of urology at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, said that our body has feedback mechanisms. It senses the level of male hormones of a male body and depending on that, it decides whether it should ‘turn down the thermostat,’ or if it comprises enough on itself. When a guy administers these compounds, his body ‘turns down the thermostat,’ and thus, it turns off the production of androgen in the testicles.

And it is proven. A study from the Department of Trauma and Orthopaedics at Cardiff Royal Infirmary found from a research that 40% of a 100-person test pool reported that a steroid cycle promotes testicular atrophy as a side-effect.

Generally, there is a relation between the extent of a course and the time in which the testicles stay suppressed. Only if you are using steroids in a safe format, the normal hormone production will kick start after the course finishes. And within a month, the testicle size will grow back to its normal size.

Unfortunately, some steroids can lead to other issues beyond an insignificant pair. For example, when over a few days, Deca-Durabolin is slowly drip-fed into your body it reduces the production of DHT in the body. DHT is a sex hormone that is responsible for the maturation of the scrotum and penis. Thus, it leads to ED or erectile dysfunction that is also known as ‘Deca Dick’.

So, will you prefer taking that risk? Or is at all worth it? Well, the decision is over to you.

Steroids can’t shrink the testicles. It sounds as ridiculous as steroids will shrink your muscles. Also, there are no meds that will make it grow. But there are medicines available that will help in promoting the growth of muscle tissues including ARMS and vital organs.

So can steroids grow your penis? Well, that is a good question. Steroids can’t reduce the dick size but it can reduce the size of your ball since steroids will decrease the natural testosterone production in your body. Steroids simply decrease the healthy blood flow to the penis and also reduces libido. Poor blood flow also leads to ED or erectile dysfunction that doesn’t let a man have a full penile erection to enjoy satisfying sex (

It can also lead to impotence. Thus, a steroid is a bi-product of natural testosterone that can shut down natural testosterone production leaving a bad impact on the sex life of a person.

PCT or Post cycle therapy products such as Chlomid or Nolvadex are embraced by knowledgeable steroid users. It is because such products help in restoring the equilibrium after the body shuts down the natural T production. And after that, the steroids are no longer present within the users’ body. It takes usually two weeks approximately.

To put in short, your penis doesn’t lack its size physically with the use of bi-product steroids. However, these can lead to impotence featuring issues such as the inability to get and sustain a hard erection that is necessary for enjoying fulfilling lovemaking. And that is why these instances can contribute to the small appearance of the penis. However, with a good PCT plan these conditions are reversible, in most cases.

Now, you probably have got a fulfilling answer to your queries regarding administering steroidal health compounds and dick size. Consult consulting a professional health expert since they can help you focus on your more personal issues and queries in this regard.


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