The Most Popular Thailand Steroids

Thailand is a destination for any steroid lover, not least of all because of how easy it is to procure steroids in the country. Contrary to popular belief, not all steroids are performance-enhancing drugs. The word “steroid” refers to any synthetic hormone, such as the insulin taken by people with diabetes. Here are some of the most popular Thailand steroids for natives, ex-pats, and visitors alike. 



Testolic is the brand name for the testosterone propionate blend produced by Body Research Labs. It is also known by the names “Test Prop” and “Test P” because of this name. No matter what you choose to call it, Testosterone Propionate is an ester of testosterone, meaning that it has a propionic acid tail. The propionic acid means that the body takes longer to fully metabolize Test P, meaning that you don’t need to take it as much. 

Test P, and indeed any steroid from Body Research Labs, offers excellent results. That you don’t need to take the steroid as often as others is another reason it became so popular. You can get more results out of a smaller dose with Testolic. 



Cypionax is a brand name for testosterone cypionate. Cypionax is a synthetic version of testosterone naturally produced in the human body. The steroid is an anabolic hormone testosterone and is a base steroid for most cycles. 

Cypionax [Testosterone Cypionate 200mg 10 Amps]
Cypionax boosts nitrogen retention in the body, which is vital for protein synthesis. The more nitrogen your body has access to, the more protein it creates. Given that protein is the building block for muscles, having more protein means bigger and better muscles. The main benefits of taking Cypionax are increased muscle size and strength, and the steroid also increases sex drive and libido. 


Danabol DS 

Danabol DS is another Body Research steroid. The steroid is among the most popular anabolic steroids in Thailand. Danabol DS increases strength and performance while shredding through fat. Danabol DS is derived from natural testosterone. It produces potent androgenic and anabolic properties. What makes Danabol Ds stand out is that it passes through the liver easier because it is adjusted at the 17th carbon position. 

One thing to note about using Danabol DS is that less is more with this steroid. Taking higher doses leads to more unmetabolized compounds in urine, meaning that the body can only process so much Danabol DS at once. Taking small doses on a regular basis can be more effective than taking larger doses. 


British Dispensary 

The British Dispensary brand is behind some of the most popular Thailand steroids. The company is behind names such as Azolol, Stanol, Winstrol, and others. Athletes and casual users note the high-quality products put out by this Thai manufacturer, with the anabolic steroids delivering on their promises. 


Steroids such as Turinabol and Methandrostenlon increase muscle mass and body weight, while Stanozolol and Oxandrolone are effective during cutting stages. Reviews from casual users and athletes alike say that British Dispensary products are definitely worth your time and money, especially because of the value for money they represent. 


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